Help! I’m losing my confidence

I’ve met a few people recently who have been, in their words, ‘starting to lose their confidence’. This has often been after a series of unsuccessful attempts at winning their next assignment. This set me off down the road of pondering on what confidence is, how we get it and how we lose it? We […]

Chasing your own tail

It’s so easy to get caught up in the activity trap. Doing more and more every day. Sometimes making progress (but not as much as you would expect after all that effort) and sometimes getting nowhere. Many will try and cope by introducing more activity – the gym, the pub, meditation, yoga, running. And sometimes […]

Changing habits

When we’ve had a habit for a long time, we start to think of it as part of who we are. That its coded into our DNA. That it is something we cannot change “That’s the way I am and that’s all there is to it” we might say. But a habit is not who […]

Am I posh enough?

Some time ago I met a contractor. He was telling me about his most recent assignment, where he’d saved his client millions by identifying and implementing supply chain efficiencies. When I asked him why he called himself a contractor and not an interim manager, he replied that he wasn’t ‘posh enough’ Now, admittedly this was […]

Definition of marketing

‘Marketing is about getting people with a specific need or problems to know about you, like you, contact and refer you’ – John Jantz. For me, this is one of the best definitions of marketing there is. It clearly guides us towards what we need to do to be successful at marketing ourselves.

The importance of wellbeing

I remember thirty years ago, trying to explain to one of my fellow management team members at a large and well known computer company about the need to focus on employee wellbeing. “So now I’ve not only got to make them productive, I’ve got to make them happy too!!” was his response. Things have moved […]

Stop trying to build rapport!

For years we have been told that the first step to influencing people is to build rapport with them. Salespeople must build rapport with their prospects. Project Managers with their teams. Leaders with their employees. Over the years, tricks and techniques have got ever more sophisticated. “Watch the football last night” as an opener has […]

The biggest single block to success is……..

About a year ago, I met a very senior chap who’d resigned with the aim to work for himself as an interim manager. He said he wasn’t able to get things done in his company. That there were too many barriers in his way. That his colleagues showed no sense of dynamism or urgency. That […]