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Below are some of the hundreds of testimonials Simon has received from clients.

“Approaching the process of self-presentation and self-marketing has never been put more lucidly, entertainingly and effectively”. Ken Sikora – HR Interim Manager

“Have been following your advice and am pleased to say that on Thursday I was offered not one but two different six month contracts. One was at a significantly higher day rate than the other and more like the work I was doing at Citi so I was very pleased to accept it – and start on Monday”. Heather-Anne Hubbell – Interim Manager

“Having decided to embark on a new career as a senior interim manager at MD / CEO level, I had a three-hour coaching session with Simon to help me get my marketing campaign off the ground. I had already contacted the Interim Providers and my own network of contacts. My session with Simon was about the more direct approach..contacting potential clients “cold”. This involved deciding who to approach and the tactics I should employ to get in front of them. I came away from that session bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and my campaign is now well and truly underway.

In summary, money well spent!
I would recommend to anyone seriously thinking of Interim Management as a new career investing some time and money with Simon. We all can benefit form coaching and mentoring. It’s all about finding the right coach!” Stephen Price – Interim CEO

“A short coaching session with Simon gave me three key benefits:

1. A good market understanding
2. Great tools to tackle the new way of working
3. The confidence to succeed – I have started my first assignment ahead of schedule.
Well worth my time. Stopped me hesitating and started me going for change wholeheartedly”. Richard Lerner – Interim Manager

“Following a run of unsuccessful interviews in the wake of a number of notably successful assignments I booked a session with Simon Berry of Interim Assignment. We explored a wide range of interview aspects from application and preparation through to post interview. We pinned down what it was that really motivates me in securing roles. Simon’s style is relaxed, direct and probing. Within a couple of hours we arrived at some very promising tactics and strategies for handling future interviews at senior level. Anyone experiencing the frustration of ‘coming second’ time after time should seriously consider a session with Simon Berry – especially since I secured the very next assignment I went for”. Mel Petrie MA MBA – Interim Manager

“I would just like to say thank you again for all the help you have given me in understanding the world of interim management. I finished with British Gas in Cardiff just over two weeks ago and I have now secured an interim project manager position in the Department of Transport. I start my new role in London tomorrow. The project is very high profile, challenging and impacts the whole of the rail industry. It could be quite an experience!” Paul Johnston – Interim Manager

“Having decided that I wished to leave the security of full time employment, I felt I needed some really good advice to help me plan my new life as an “interim” manager. I wanted to be able to speak to someone directly – to receive help and suggestions that were tailored to my personal circumstances, and help me to achieve my specific goals. Working with Simon provided me with sound advice, and a list of actions – these have helped me enormously in the setting up and marketing of my business, and I would have no hesitation in recommending a coaching session to anyone considering a similar move themselves”. Martin Smith – Interim Manager

“Simon is exceptionally perceptive and very quickly was able to identify my ‘stumbling blocks’, showing me what they are and how to deal with them. And Simon managed this very challenging exercise in a very supportive manner, making me feel confident and energised, and nothing holding me back.

I would highly recommend Simon as a coach, facilitator and trainer”. Julia Fillary – Interim Manager

“In a few short hours he helped me crystalise my plans. His experience and abilities to transfer knowledge answered numerous questions – even questions I didn’t know I had! Simon has a friendly, yet authoritative style overlaid on a “get it done” approach.

As a direct result of his insight and guidance, I have enjoyed an outstanding period in Interim Management.
Without doubt, time with Simon was one of the best investments I have ever made. Whether you are just thinking of stepping out on your own, are looking for a sounding board or need to re-focus, contact Simon. You will not be disappointed”. Eamonn Phillipson – Interim Manager

“I attended an Interim Management course Simon ran and it was one of the best courses I’ve ever been on. Simon is an excellent presenter who knows his subject well and the course content was pitched just right for the audience. He has a friendly and engaging style but most importantly he provided information and advice which enabled me to quickly find an assignment. I can thoroughly recommend Simon and would have no hesitation in using his coaching services in the future”. Denise Him – Interim Manager

“Simon is an expert on all aspects of interim management and a first class presenter. He speaks authoritatively, with great insight, and a lot of good humour. His courses are excellent value and are acknowledged as immensely helpful for both new and experienced interim managers. Simon is motivated by a strong desire to improve business performance and management effectiveness at all levels, and this is backed up by expert knowledge and comprehensive experience”. Eddie Mullen – Interim Manager

“Even the world’s elite sportsmen and women need expert coaches to ensure they remain sharp and on top of their game. When I first considered interim management, I attended a workshop run by Simon and I subsequently had a “one to one” with him on the very specific subject of identifying and presenting my usp’s. I found his expertise and creative approach most helpful and his personable style engaging”. Stephen Price – Interim Manager